The Internationalisation of
Irish Drama, 1975-2005
About the Project

The Internationalisation of Irish Drama, 1975-2005, is an inter-institutional research project that was established in 2007 by principal investigator Professor Nicholas Grene (Professor of English, Trinity College Dublin), and associate investigator Dr. Patrick Lonergan (Department of English, NUI Galway), as part of the broader Irish Theatrical Diaspora project. The project also employed three full-time researchers: Postgraduate Researchers Shelley Troupe (NUI Galway) and Lisa Coen (Trinity College Dublin), and Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Natalie Harrower (Trinity College Dublin)

Funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the project explores the internationalization of Irish drama since 1975, with particular attention to three areas: "The International within Ireland," which focuses on productions at the Dublin Theatre Festival; "The Regional and the International," which explores the international touring of Galway's Druid Theatre Company, and "Performing the Nation for International Audiences," which takes the Abbey Theatre's international performances as its focal point.

One aspect of the project is the creation of publicly-accessible databases that house comprehensive, searchable production histories for the three areas of research. On this site, researchers and theatre enthusiasts will find the production history of the Dublin Theatre Festival from 1957-the present, and the history of international performances by both the Druid Theatre Company and the Abbey Theatre, from 1975-2005. The research team takes responsibility for all errors and inaccuracies in the databases, and welcomes user feedback.

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